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Vietnamese Restaurant South Yarra

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It might be surprising for you to know that most fast food chains that are prevalent around the world, tend to not perform well in Vietnam. You can think of the biggest names and you can be assured that their business is not doing as strong in Vietnam, as it may, in other Southeast Asian nations.  

The reason behind this is quite simple actually. Vietnamese street vendors offer far better food than that of the big retail fast food chains. However, you may think that street food is something that exists in every single country, so why is Vietnam special? 


There is a pretty simple explanation for that. Vietnamese street vendors are extremely proud of the kind of food they serve. So, there is zero compromise on the quality and authenticity of the food that they prepare. Every day a large amount of food is painstakingly made by people who own simple home kitchens. In keeping with the modesty of the surroundings, the food is priced extremely low, so people can have a fantastic meal at an extremely affordable price. The taste ensures that people from all segments of society would want to come and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. Which is why, with most Vietnamese street vendors, you'd have people from multiple economic classes, sitting side by side and genuinely enjoying some good Vietnamese food.  


It is at the backbone of this tradition that Minh Minh Saigon Soul has stepped up to become one of the top Asian restaurants in South Yarra. When it comes to Vietnamese food, South Yarra certainly has no shortage of options. But when it comes to authentic Vietnamese cuisine, then Minh Minh Saigon Soul is a notch above the rest.  

Food For All 


We are focused on providing an authentic experience of Vietnam through our cuisine and just like the food stalls back home, we have zero compromise on the quality and taste of our food even though our pricing is extremely low. For the last 20 years we have been providing delicious Vietnamese cuisine for individuals who want a taste of Southeast Asia. 


For people who are vegetarians or vegans, we have modified our menu to provide an entire host of options that can cater to your specific needs. So you can be assured that at Minh Minh Saigon Soul, we have something for everyone. This has enabled us to become one of the most loved Vietnamese restaurants in South Yarra.  

Rustic Cafe Interior

BYO License 


Of course we understand that delicious food is only one part of having a fantastic dining experience.  

As such, we are equipped with a BYO permit so you can bring in your own famous bottles of wine or beer to pair with Vietnamese cuisine. If you need any advice on the same you could simply give us a call and ask us for any options for alcohol, that would go well with your cuisine, and we'd be happy to assist you.  


So, what are you waiting for? Head out now for some authentic Vietnamese food in South Yarra. We can assure you that as one of the top Asian restaurants in South Yarra, your dining experience with us will be anything but mediocre. To get a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine at an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in South Yarra, reach out to Minh Minh & Saigon Soul today.  

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