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Vietnamese Restaurant Kew

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For the last 20 years, we have provided authentic Vietnamese cuisine at our restaurant and now it's time to provide some authentic Vietnamese food to Kew. Being one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Kew is not a simple task, but in reality, we didn't do much.  


All we focused on was providing a taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine at a highly affordable rate. Though we started out small, we let our exceptional service and fantastic food, speak for themselves and today, we are one of the most favourite hubs for finding authentic Vietnamese food. This has enabled us to open our own Asian restaurant in Kew and we are happy to provide you with a level of service that will make you feel like you are right at home with us. We believe that fantastic food should not come at a fantastic price so you can be assured that every single one of our dishes, though, incredible in taste are moderate in price.  

Dining Types 


We understand that every individual has a different style of dining, which is why even though we may not have the largest restaurant on the street, we are more than equipped to cater to all dining types.  

If you are looking for a quiet evening with your loved ones, and just want to taste some traditional Vietnamese food, then simply call us and book a reservation, and we'll be happy to assist you. In the event that you are in the vicinity, you can also walk in, and we'll be sure to get you a table as soon as possible, while ensuring that your waiting time is minimised.  


For individuals who want to entertain large parties you can book our private floor, which enables you to have your own secluded spot where you can enjoy with your party members. Whether you want to treat your friends to some authentic Vietnamese food, or if you want to take your office to one of the most highly rated Vietnamese restaurants in Kew, we can accommodate you, without any issues.  

Family Lunch
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For individuals who are on the go and do not wish to spend too much time in a restaurant, you can try our lunchbox options. We have over 10 different varieties of lunch boxes each priced at a very modest point. Every single one of our lunch boxes comes with a side of rice and salad, but it is the entrees and mains where your taste buds can truly have an extravaganza of their own.  


So, if you need authentic Vietnamese food in Kew, then your best bet is to get it at one of the top rated Asian restaurants in Kew, head on down to Minh Minh & Saigon Soul and let us show you why when it comes to Vietnamese restaurants in Kew, we are one of the city's favourites.  

 We also Serves in Vietnamese Food Abbotsford, Vietnamese Food in Hawthorn and also in Vietnamese Restaurant Carlton.

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