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Vietnamese Restaurant Carlton




For over 20 years, Minh Minh & Saigon Soul has been providing some of the best authentic Vietnamese cuisine that has led us to being one of the most acclaimed Vietnamese restaurants in Hawthorn. 

We have been focused on providing a taste of authentic Vietnam by ensuring that every single one of our dishes, hits as close to home as possible. We understand that not every individual would have a taste for meat, so we have vegetarian and vegan options for our particular diners. So you can be assured that no matter your style of eating, Minh Minh & Saigon Soul has something for every single one of you.  



Minh Minh & Saigon Soul focuses on providing top notch Vietnamese food in Hawthorn, so you can be assured that when you eat with us, you will be transported to the streets of Vietnam.  


Our menu includes a large variety of starters, such as Spring Rolls, Chicken Skewers, Duck Wraps and Steamed Dumplings. If you require some filling mains that are bursting with flavour then might we recommend the Twice Cooked Pork Belly, the Yelling Duck Mongolian Beef and Crying Chicken? 


However, for the more healthy and particular individuals who are looking for just a simple salad, we can assure you that our Vietnamese salad blends taste, and health in a fantastic composition to provide you with an exquisite dining experience. One of our most common bestsellers, are the chef specials. So, whenever you walk in, make sure you ask for the same, and we'll be happy to accommodate you with some of the best and most creative Vietnamese food, you would have ever tasted.  

Dinner in Restaurant



We pride ourselves on providing a level of hospitality that would make you feel like you're in an authentic Vietnamese home. We treat every customer as if they are a member of our family. So you can be assured that your food is made with a high level of care and respect as fitting of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. This has enabled us to be one of the most loved, Asian restaurants in Hawthorn.  


If you are looking for a quiet dining experience, then simply place a reservation, or you can even walk in, and we'll be happy to accommodate you, with a table, immediately.  


However, if you want a private party with a large number of people, then we can accommodate you in our banquet hall on the upstairs floor. Simply book our private room, and you can be assured that you will be provided with your own space to enjoy some nice Vietnamese food. We have a large number of all- you- can- eat options in our banquet room, so you can be assured that you will never have to make multiple orders when you go with our banquet options.  

Though we provide extremely high quality food, the price is modest keeping in touch with traditional Vietnamese cuisine customs.  


So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to Minh Minh & Saigon Soul, one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hawthorn and spruce up your taste buds with some authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Remember, if you need Vietnamese food in Hawthorn, then Minh Minh & Saigon Soul should undoubtedly be on your checklist.  

 We also Serves in Vietnamese Food Abbotsford and also in Vietnamese Restaurant Carlton.

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