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Fresh n' Tasty!

Head down to MinhMinh Saigon Soul to experience delicious authentic Vietnamese flavours, right here in Melbourne.


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Yes, We do Events!

Book MinhMinh SaigonSoul 's upstair private room for your next event. Check out the link below for more information or simply give us a call - we're always happy to help make your event as great as it can be!



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Head on down to Minh Minh & Saigon Soul for some of the most authentic and delicious dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, you could possibly find in Melbourne. Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or simply have an intolerance to gluten, our Vietnamese restaurant has a menu that is specifically catered to your needs. For the last 20 years, we have been providing a taste of authentic Vietnamese food in Melbourne with an interesting modern twist.  If you wish to dine with versatility, then Minh Minh & Saigon Soul is undoubtedly one of the places that needs to be on your checklist.

As a family owned business, we understand that one of the biggest reasons behind our success is the simple fact that we avoid any kind of industrial line cooking. This means that our dishes are made with a touch of authentic home cooking to provide you a taste that feels like it was made right at home.

In other words, eating at Minh Minh & Saigon Soul is almost like sitting right in the middle of Vietnam, and having a nice meal.


This is one of the reasons why our Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne are so highly rated as the top modern Vietnamese restaurant. We are focused on providing an authentic touch when it comes to every single one of our dishes. This has enabled us to provide some of the most authentic, yet well priced Vietnamese food in Melbourne.

However, it doesn't stop at fine dining with Minh Minh & Saigon Soul. We also cater to large scale events, which means that if you want to get your office employees a nice treat with some authentic Vietnamese cuisine, then simply book our upstairs private room for your next event.


Being one of the highest rated Vietnamese restaurants in Richmond, Melbourne, we have created a niche for ourselves in providing both a fine dining experience, as well as a quick on the go meal for people who like to live fast. Our box meals, highly touted for their high level of deliciousness are combined with an extremely modest pricing. Each of our lunchboxes comes with a main dish, two entrees, served with a side of rice and salad to ensure that you can have a complete meal with portability.


The best part is our prices do not match the fantastic exquisiteness that you receive once you taste our food. One of the main reasons why we are the first names when it comes to looking for a Richmond Vietnamese restaurant is the simple fact that we are dedicated and passionate about providing an authentic touch of our home flavours to you.

This is why if you ask anyone about a Vietnamese restaurant in Richmond, Minh Minh & Saigon Soul's name is guaranteed to come up first.


The same would happen if you asked anyone about a Vietnamese restaurant on Victoria Street.So, if you're looking for an Asian restaurant in Richmond, then simply head on down to Minh Minh & Saigon Soul and we can assure you that you will find a sublime experience when it comes to authentic Vietnamese dining.


We also Serves at Vietnamese Restaurant Carlton, Vietnamese Restaurant South Yarra, Vietnamese Restaurant Hawthorn, Asian Restaurant Abbotsford, and Vietnamese Restaurant Kew.

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